Maika'i 'Aina

Creation story

In the beginning, the place where most creation stories start, there was water. The water flowed everywhere, and was everything, timeless and unending. Even though the primal water spirit was everywhere and everything, with lack of reference to anything else, the spirit had no real consciousness. Then came fire.

Some say fire was willed into existence by water’s self quandary. Identifying what she was and was not, the primal spirit of water created her antithesis. Others say it was the sudden appearance of fire that caused the question in the first place. With a external reference, she was able to finally define herself. In either case, the primal spirits of water and fire clashed.

As fire ripped through water, The Great Earth Serpent erupted from the scars. As water clawed at fire, the steam, smoke, and ash grew and formed the sky. And so, in this torrential storm the world was formed.

The battle raged and caused much pain to all parties involved. Eventually all the forces were fractured, not only physically but mentally. The consciousnesses of the primal elementals were split into much smaller personalities.

The blood of the primal elementals that was spilled mixed with one another, and strange elemental creatures were formed. These creatures sought refuge in the fractured elementals, eventually finding balance in themselves. These creatures became the plants and the animals, and finally, people.


The name Maika’i ‘Aina was taken from Hawaiian, and means “Good Land”. I know nothing of the language, so it might mean “Land Good” or perhaps even be gibberish. I decided I needed an actual Polynesian name for the campaign, so I went with the most well known Polynesian language. This is simply the name of the campaign world though, and not the name of the archipelago.

Maika'i 'Aina

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