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Maika’i ‘Aina

An archipelago of primal intrigue.


Maika’i ‘Aina, from the Hawaiian meaning “Good land”, is a large archipelago of hundreds of islands. It is a world of spirits, elementals, animism, and monstrous creatures.


This campaign will center on the tribal council of Coral Sands, one of the outer islands. Through their actions, the fate of the world will be decided.


The main feeling of this campaign is going to be aimed at intrigue. A mystery that threatens the way of life for everyone on Maika’i ‘Aina needs to be solved. The elements are out of balance, and inter tribal peace is falling apart.


This campaign will draw from history, and mythology of Polynesia, Central America, Native America, and parts of Africa.


Because of the setting, primal source characters are strongly encouraged. A knight covered head to tow in well oiled iron, riding his white horse is going to spoil much the games thematic appeal. I have been working on some re-flavors of some traditional classes.


Many other issues have come up with other base game mechanics, that need to be dealt with. The two that come to mind are that of race and iron.

Main Page

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