Tribal Council

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A tribal council is a fairly self-explanatory group. It is their job to provide wisdom to the people of the tribe in times of crisis or plenty. The tribal council of Coral Sands always consists of the tribal elder, and spirit talker, but can include any they see fit to appoint, normally recruited for their skill in an area related to a problem at hand. The current council consists of:

  • The Tribal Elder
  • Koutruk Lei, Spirit Talker (Half-Elf, Shaman/Druid)(VIG)
  • _ _ _ _ _ _, Chief Fishermen (Half-Orc, Barbarian/Fighter)(RTB)
  • _ _ _ _ _ _, Former Shrine Guardian (Half-Orc, Avenger/Fighter)(AMK)
  • _ _ _ _ _ _, Tribal Champion (Goliath, Warden/Fighter) (C?M)
  • _ _ _ _ _ _, Chief Hunter (Elf Ranger/Cleric) (J?R)

These names are left blank, and the backgrounds are chosen for you, until I get some back stories.

Tribal Council

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