Why Spirit Animals


If strong restrictions were placed on race, it would make character creation difficult. If loose restrictions were in place, one might begin to wonder how tribe of twenty people, would be able to propagate if everyone is a different race. So, my solution is to simply make most humanoids the same species, the difference is that of a totem, or spirit animal.

List of Spirit animals and corresponding races.

Incomplete, Subject to change.
        Race       |     Animal    | Reason
        Human      |     Monkey    | Adaptable, versatile.
     Dragonborn    |     Lizard    | (Anyone know something that breaths fire?)
       Dwarf       |     Turtle    | Slow, tough, wise.
      Eladrin      |      Bird     | Smart, fast...
        Elf        |    Butterfly  | the dwarf in me just hates elves
      Half-Elf     |      Fish     | Hundreds of kinds, with many specialties.
      Halfling     |    Squirrel   | Sneaky, graceful, fun, conniving, 
      Tifling      |     Snake     | Seems good.
        Drow       |     Spider    | Duh...
       Genasi      |   By Element  | I was thinking maybe chimera, but no...
        Deva       |    Dolphin    | Super-smart
       Gnome       |    Octopus    | If threatened, they disappear.
      Goliath      |      Boar     | Strong, tough, 
      Half-Orc     |      Cat      | Strong, fast, deadly.
Long Tooth Shifter |      Wolf     | Strong, smart, deadly.
Razor Claw Shifter |     Rabbit    | Bloodied = faster, and harder to hit.
       Gnoll       |      Eel      | Vicious.
      Minotaur     | Water Buffalo | Horns, charge.
     Shadar-Kai    |      Bat      | Works well with Eladrin being a bird.

Why Spirit Animals

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